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The Ledge and the Abyss OUT NOW!

A series of unforeseen events leads to the author being trapped in a small, pitch-dark cavern surrounded by a volcanic rock wall with no way out. As the chest-high water laps at him, waves batter him against the volcanic rock, leaving him bloodied and gasping for breath. Above ground, his wife (and co-author) has seen her husband disappear underwater. After no sighting of him for ten minutes, she makes the difficult decision to leave the harsh surf and unsafe rocks to call 911 and hope for a recovery of his body.

After the recovery, the incident leads the authors on a search for meaning, striving to understand why this event happened, and pondering what to do about it. Order your copy of The Ledge and the Abyss today and a portion of your book sale's proceeds will go to the St. Croix Hospital in the US Virgin Islands.

Book Tour Stops

• Monday, September 9 - 6:30PM:
  Rodman Public Library 215 E Broadway St., Alliance, OH

• Monday, October 7 - 7:00PM:
  West Carrollton Branch, Dayton Metro Library, 300 E Central Ave, West
  Carrollton, OH

We are available to do author talks at groups, visit book clubs, or if you are interested in helping us host a group (we find that breweries are really good) in your town, please contact us.

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Watch the 30-minute podcast I did with Hosts Terry O'Brien and Donna Kastner discussing The Ledge and The Abyss.

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As a Donor, 100% of your funds will go to supporting the ongoing efforts for maintaining the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center in St. Croix US Virgin Islands.

Thank you for your desire to contribute and help make a difference. Please note we operate the RosaDean Foundation #5112, as a component fund of The Dayton Foundation, and we process all gifts and donations through their website.