What is “Make Moments Matter?”

Make Moments Matter is a community of people interested in doable ways to make a difference in your life and the life of others. It does not demand a lot of your time. Nor does it require a change in your lifestyle. It does ask you to become more aware of the moments that are presented to you every day.

Through this increased awareness, you open yourself to making conscious choices to engage and connect. You make each day a little better.

What is “Your Life: More Aware, More Engaged, More Connected”?

It’s about making a better version of yourself. It means you take a little more control over those moments present in your life. We experience hundreds of moments every day. Most of them pass by without us making a conscious decision. This unconscious, default existence does not serve us well all of the time. We miss out on opportunities to be more present, to make thoughtful decisions, to connect with others.

Building a More Aware, More Engaged, More Connected Life means you are consciously more attentive, cutting through the world’s noise. Often moments are signals from our own mind/soul/body pointing out an opportunity. Other moments are signals from those around us. Every one of these moments has the potential to make a positive difference in our life if we think about them more intentionally.


What are Moments?

Moments are the everyday thoughts and events you experience. We categorize them into seven types:

Thoughts - ideas, reminders, feelings that come to you. Things that pop into your head

Decisions - Choices or conclusions (“Should I do this or not?” or “do I pick A or B?”)

Opportunities - Openings or prospects that often come in the form of a question (“Would you like to?”)

Reactions - how you respond to something (Why did that happen? Or What do they want?)

Connections – relationships with others (“Is that (person)? Or Who is this person?”) or exchanges with others (“Here comes the waiter/waitress/bartender”)

Observations – people, places, things that you notice or perceive (“He does not seem like himself today”)

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Make Moments Matter Introduction

Your Life: More Aware, More Engaged, More Connected


Karl Responds

For “King” Karl Frederick, November 22 started as another normal day of work. As a tour guide for Tan Tan Tours, he prepared to take small groups of tourists down to the tide pools for relaxation and fun in the warm water. Arriving at the tide pools, he was about to face an unthinkable Moment.

Arriving at the beach, a distraught woman ran up cautioning him of a “dead man in the tide pools". He faced a choice. What to do?

Karl did not hesitate. He switched from tour guide to hero. He ran to the spot where the body was last seen. Risking his own life, he called out. On his second call, he received a response. He set in motion a series of events that led to a miraculous rescue of me, not a dead man.

Karl was faced with a Moment: Do his job or try to recover a body. He did not hesitate. His action saved a life. He sacrificed his own health for a person he did not know and might never see again.

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Dean Engages

On December 21, I was in the grocery store and saw someone I had not talked to for quite a while across the way. I went up to “Linda” (name changed for privacy purposes), and knowing her story, asked in a very concerned and sincere way, “How are you doing?”

She told me she was a “wreck this week”. It turns out this was the day, four years ago, that her son had tragically died (I knew the story, not the day). She told me how hard this day was, compounded by the holiday season. She had just gotten off the phone with her daughter, who relayed her story of being asked, “Are you an only child?” Innocent question with a lot of heartache. I just listened and gave her a big hug.

My moment was to decide to engage with her. I also chose to be intentional about how I asked how she was doing, allowing her the opportunity to choose a reaction. I am confident that providing the grace to allow her to tell her story that day to someone she knew, but not well, was cathartic to her. My Moment made the difference in someone else’s really bad day.

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Doug Connects

It was very important to me to be able to thank the people who took care of me in the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center in St. Croix. I was getting nowhere trying to find out information on them. I searched on LinkedIn for people who worked at the hospital and found Doug Koch, the hospital’s CEO’s profile. He was open to messages. I reached out to him with a request to talk and a link to my blog post.

Doug responded that same night. He wrote in part: “Dean, first and foremost, thank God you are alive. How often do we all see random messages from strangers and ignore them? I am so happy that I did not do that tonight. I have read your rescue blog and found myself holding my breath and cannot imagine the experience and emotions that you, your family and the rescuers went through.”

Thus began the wheels of connection. Doug was presented with a Moment: a LinkedIn message from someone in Ohio that he had no connection to. He could have ignored it. But he didn’t. He took the time to think about the Moment and act on it. The immediate result was the opportunity to meet the healthcare professionals. It also started a connection that has led to us working to find donors to help support Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center.

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Rose Decides

We debated having a Book Release Party for The Ledge and The Abyss. I knew I did not have the time or skills to do that. I would have gone inexpensive and low key. Rose loves events with lots of peoples, but knows her party planning skills are limited.

She was faced with a choice, knowing she would be on her own to plan it.

Should she engage friends who had event planning experience or try it on her own?

She spent some time reflecting on her options before making a decision. Rose realized that she had more limited ambitious goals than most of the people she might get to help her. She also realized that she sporadic thinking about the Release Party.

Knowing that most of the time she is very action oriented, was her inaction a sign? The two of us talked over the pros and cons. She came to the conclusion that a Release Party felt like something we “should do” rather than “want to do”.

With that insight, it was clear that it was best to say No.

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