The Worthy Cause

As a donor, you are helping support the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. The “why” answer is pretty easy. That hospital was integral to saving my life. However, the story is much deeper than that.

In September 2017, two Category 5 hurricanes struck the US Virgin Islands within a two-week period. First, Hurricane Irma smashed into St. Croix, creating widespread damage. That was followed by Hurricane Maria, the deadliest hurricane in terms of category strength to strike the US Virgin Islands.

The Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center on St. Croix suffered roof damage and flooding, but the leak in the roof made the top (third) floor unusable. When I was at the hospital in November 2022 (five years later), the third floor still could not be occupied. The first floor had no working bathrooms. The air conditioning on the second floor (ICU) was so cold the workers wore coats, gloves, and multiple layers of pants.

The hospital will be rebuilt. But it is going to need more support in order to meet the needs of its patients. The poverty rate on St. Croix is 40%, double the poverty rate in the highest poverty rate in the 50 States, Mississippi. Local funds are not available to keep it operational at the levels we are accustomed to.

As a donor, you will provide funding to help maintain the facility and to improve its outreach. To add to your donation, we have pledged to donate all of the profits from your purchase of the book to the same fund supporting the hospital. You have an impact in two ways. Thank you for joining the community working to help a worthy cause.

You add to that legacy by being a donor, where 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to the hospital foundation. As a donor, you make a difference to the place that saved me.

About the RosaDean Foundation Fund

We have set up the RosaDean Foundation Fund #5112 as a component fund of The Dayton Foundation, and we process all gifts and donations through their website. Complete the "Donate Today" information, and select an amount. We have provided some suggested amounts, but please let your heart be your guide. You will be redirected to the foundation's website where you will be able to contribute to this fund. and will be set up to receive tax documents verifying your donation.

Why the name “RosaDean”? It is a combination of our first names. As we have grown together in our marriage, we find that we sometimes act like the other would. Since the two of us are devoted to the cause for the hospital, it feels like we are embracing a RosaDean moment. We wish to leave a legacy for future generations in our names, together.

Our Partner

The Dayton Foundation has helped individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses who care about the future of their communities for more than 100 years and manages more than $1B in funds. We feel very fortunate to have such a prestigious organization as our partner. If you would like to learn more about The Dayton Foundation, please visit them at

Make a Financial Donation

Thank you for your desire to contribute and help make a difference. Please note we operate the RosaDean Foundation #5112, as a component fund of The Dayton Foundation, and we process all gifts and donations through their website which you will be directed to if you click the donate button below. 



can enable an outreach program to reach most vulnerable seniors needing blood work completed and services to help the patient interpret and act on the results.


can support a rainy day fund to help the hospital get back into service quickly after a natural disaster.


100 individuals donating can maintain the new state-of-the-art 128+ Slice CT machine, used to produce 3D images of any organ for diagnostic assessment.

Any amount of your choice can ensure that mothers and their new born babies receive critical support services (such as lactation aids, new mother training, and postpartum depression care).