Dean & Rosaleen Waggenspack

Dean Waggenspack is an author, executive resume writer, career/life coach, speaker, and blogger. In 2019, he delivered a TedX Dayton 2019 talk on “Rethinking Retirement”. In March 2023, Dean published his first book, Doable Change: Making Incremental, Achievable Difference in Your Career and Life.

Rosaleen Waggenspack is the sole proprietor and practitioner of Touchpoint Clinical Massage in Kettering, Ohio. Rose is licensed in the practice of massage therapy by the state of Ohio Medical Board and has been in practice since 2004.

Dean and Rose reside in Kettering, Ohio. They have four adult children, Courtney, Stephen, Nathan and Luke, and a daughter-in-law, Amanda. Dean and Rose perform weekly as part of the “Game Night” ensemble at the Black Box Improv Comedy Theatre in Dayton, OH.



Dean published his first book, Doable Change Making Incremental, Achievable Difference in Your Career and Life in 2023.

Dean’s passion is to “encourage others to look inside themselves so that they realize as much of their potential as they are ready for, at this time”. He is married to Rose and they have four adult children.

Dean was a TedX Dayton 2019 speaker on “Rethinking Retirement”. It is worth 10 minutes of your time.


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