We all have heard or read stories of amazing transformations or inspiring achievements. Those changes, while admirable, seem out of reach for most of us. To be honest, it is not unreasonable to feel like we are beaten before we even start, if change has to be that drastic. Why bother?

Every one of us has the capacity for Doable Change, because change does not have to be drastic to be impactful.

Doable Change: Making Incremental, Achievable Difference in Your Career and Life is a book to inspire, and maybe challenge, YOU to think about change in new ways. Not as a formidable wall that cannot be scaled without extraordinary resources. Not as something only “they” can do. Instead, as one of life’s opportunities to get outside your comfort zone, even just a little bit, to go in a new direction you select. Through stories of ordinary people, their struggles, their learning, their small victories, you will see that Doable Change is realistic for you. The book explores myths around change, explains three unique approaches to change, and provides exercises to overcome inertia.

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